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Follow the perspective of 'I' Raymond and go astray with you, Malaysia's "Malaysia" with 330,000 km². There are no seasons here, located in Southeast Asia, only divided into 13 states and 3 federal territories. Raymond Tours has gathered a lot of wonderful travel content to share, so that you can easily grasp the pleasure of your journey. Here is one more thing to update and chat with you anytime, anywhere. Of course, there are a variety of services available online for your convenience, and I want to explore more with you. . .

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Malaysia is divided into east and west by the South China Sea. The western half is often called "West Malaysia" and the eastern half is called "East Malaysia". The special geographical location and multiculturalism make this country exude unique charm. Head to Kuala Lumpur to visit the world's tallest Petronas Twin Towers, standing on a 452-meter-high platform, overlooking the endless skyline. Or go to Penang, known as the food capital of Malaysia, to check out the local delicacies. You can also take a day trip to explore the buildings of the British colonial period and see the vivid graffiti on the streets. Want to get close to nature? Come to Langkawi, join the Langkawi Geopark Adventure Tour, and enjoy the magnificent natural scenery of Langkawi.

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Raymond Sensation focuses on art, food, housing, and behavior. The starting point is to use my perspective to explore more about Malaysia with you! Malaysia is a fascinating and diverse country with vibrant cities, breathtaking rainforests, stunning tourist attractions, fine antiques and even paintings by talented local artists. Whether you're a culture seeker, a nature lover, or just looking to travel the country in search of fine dining, Malaysia has it all.

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